Welcome to Carlo Global School

Carlo Global School is a co-educational school located in the heart of Raj Nagar Extension, 

Ghaziabad with easccessibility from all parts of the town. 

Inspiring Inspirations, as the tagline of Carlo Global School believes in bringing up each child with us in a way that they become inspirations for others in the society through the excellence that we bring about in education because of the experience that we have in the sector. In addition to this, our Corporate Partners make the education and growing up with Carlo Global School fun and still a learning experience. 

We strive to be the best of players in the sector learning and applying the best of teaching techniques.


Vision Statement

To inspire each child growing with us into an inspiration for the society striving for an overall development of the child. 

Mission Statement 

Providing high quality, supportive learning environment to all our alumnus in order to achieve academic and co-curricular excellence using blend of technology, values, and quest for quality education and excellence.  


A Well Rounded Education

Learning is more than formal classroom curriculum. The students at school will have wonderful opportunities to grow, not only through the help and support of teacher but also through their own contributions.

Carlo Global understands how children learn and provides necessary confidence and skills they need to face the challenges and opportunities that wait them in the outside world.